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Nursing Assistant 45

You must already be a CNA or have proof that you recently completed an approved training program to enroll in this class.

Packets are available near the Nursing Office which is room 2315 in the 2300 building. The packet contains the information that you will need to enroll in the class including immunizations required and  CPR card information to practice in the Acute Care Setting. Please complete the packet as soon as possible, as you will not be allowed to perform patient care which begins the second week of class without it.

The syllabus is available in the bookstore approximately 1-2 weeks before the class begins. Call first to be sure that it is on the shelf. The required textbook is listed in the syllabus, and also available during the week or two before class begins.

PowerPoint lessons will be available prior to each class for your convenience to have during lecture. In the event that the server is down, come to class prepared to take notes.

PowerPoint Lectures available here:

Acute Care Hospitals  
12 Lead ECG

Neurological Diseases

Preoperative Care

Post-operative Care

Respiratory Care

Blood Glucose Monitoring TCCH

Blood Glucose Monitoring SVRMC

Neurological Tests

Cervical Injuries


Tracheostomy Care

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Growth and Development










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